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Update #11 – Samples in Transit

Hey Guys!

We hope all is well since we last touched base with you. We wanted to give you guys a quick update:

The samples from our new manufacturer are currently in transit and will be delivered to us here in San Diego by Thursday 10/16 (tomorrow!). We cant wait to get these cast samples in our hands. These new sets should be of much higher quality and by looking at the pictures our manufacturer provided, they are. See below:‚Äč


In addition, we ended up adding some extra material in crucial places in the spoon and the knife for added strength which will be difficult to notice with the naked eye but will make the cutlery more durable. The red line depicts the location that millimeters of added stainless steel will be placed.

We will send out an additional update once we test these puppies out!

The Brew Cutlery Team

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