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Update #12 – Production samples have arrived! Check them out, they look great!

Hey Friends,


Our last update showed the production samples in transit from our manufacturer. It’s been an exciting last week; the samples arrived and we were blown away with how good they looked and felt in our hands! We are very happy with the results after the change we made in the manufacturing process. The cast manufacturing processes has produced a cutlery set that far exceeds traditional cutlery. Each fork, knife, and spoon is a single, solid piece of stainless steel that has been cast, hand shaped and hand finished. The result is a cutlery set that looks amazing, feels great in the hand, and most importantly opens bottles flawlessly!

In addition to the production samples, we also received the production packaging materials. These are the final materials that we will be using for the packaging and the quality exceeded our expectations! Now that we have confirmed the materials we will be using for the packaging they will begin the manufacturing and printing processes.

We are very happy with the results of the sampling process and our engineering team is now working with our manufacturer to nail down the finishing and quality control standards that will serve as benchmark through the manufacturing process. Once the quality control tolerances have been set, we will buy the raw material, set up the manufacturing line, and begin full production. An updated delivery schedule will follow shortly.

Thanks for your patience and continual support of the development of Brew Cutlery!


The Brew Cutlery Team



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