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Update #13 – Happy Thanksgiving and a Production Sample Revision for the Spoon and Knife

Hey Friends,

We hope that you had an amazing Thanksgiving spent with family, friends, and of course a few delicious ales!

After testing the last round of mass production samples on countless beers and a handful of meals, we were thrilled with the the form, finish, and function of the production cutlery, but ultimately made a tough decision to make two slight revisions to ensure that the final product not only met your expectations but also surpassed them.

Due to the hand finished nature of this custom set of premium cutlery, the filing and polishing of the knife resulted in some varying in the balancing ability in the upright position. We put our heads together with our engineering team and decided to create a small plane on the bottom of the handle to create additional surface area on the portion of the knife’s handle that would be touching the table. Please see pictures below.

More Surface Area = Better Upright Stability

In addition, we decided to beef up the size of the spoon by an 1/8” in all directions to make sure the end user was able to get enough cereal, chili, or lobster bisque in each bite. We felt that the additional size was necessary to accommodate the material that was added to strengthen the portion of spoon where the bowl meets the handle.


Although these revisions are small, new molds had to be created and we are expecting the final samples in a couple weeks. Since inception, it has always been our goal to create a premium product and we sincerely appreciate your continued support and patience. Stay tuned and we hope you and your families have an amazing Holiday Season!


The Brew Cutlery Team

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