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Update #14 – Stick a Fork In It

Hey Friends!

I will keep this update sweet and short.

Final Fork Sample – DONE- The manufacturer nailed it the first time. The production mold, finishing, and final fork came out exactly how we wanted. We are currently singed off and ready for production.

R3 larger spoon dimensions (2)


R3 larger spoon dimensions (8)


SF R3 larger spoon 1-12 (9)


Final Spoon Sample- DONE- From our last update we noted the revision of the initial production mold and increased the bowl volume of the spoon. After this second revision, the spoon is exactly how we envisioned and has been signed off for mass production.

New stamping logo on spoon (5)

Final Knife Sample- The production mold for the knife was also revised by flatting the surface area that would touch the table in order for the knife to better stand in its upright design. The mold revision is now done and the revised samples are in transit. Assuming, that the product is built to spec, we should be ready to sign off on the knife and move into full production!

Please see pictures below from our manufacturer with the revisions to the knife samples. We will provide pictures of the finished fork, spoon, and knife once we receive the new knifes from the manufacturer this week.




The Brew Cutlery Team


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