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Update #15 – Knife, Fork, and Spoon Patents Issued! MFG Update

By February 15, 2015 BackerUpdates, Blog No Comments

Hey Friends!

We have some pretty exciting news that we wanted to share with you all. After applying for a provisional patent over two years ago, then subsequently working through the intensive full patent filing process, we are proud to announce that the USPTO has just granted the design patents D721558 (Knife), D721559 (fork),  and D720586 (spoon)!

It has been a considerable undertaking and expense to navigate the patent filing process as a small fish in the big sea of the US Patent legal system. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment as this was an instrumental step in protecting our intellectual property and provides credence to the viability and business behind Brew Cutlery. These patents have a 14 year term, expiring in 2029 and we hope they find themselves opening millions of delicious beverages in that time.

Also, a quick update on manufacturing. Our revised samples (as shown in the last update) have been signed off are ready to to hit full production once the Chinese New Year Holiday concludes. We have just received some shots of the final cutlery packaging (based off the inputs and votes of you, our kickstarter backers!) They look great and truly tie together the premium product & experience that the end consumer will receive.

Here’s a sneak peak below!




The Brew Cutlery Team

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