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Update #16- Golden Sample Pictures and Production Run Schedule

Hey Friends,

We are really excited to share with you some pictures of our Golden Samples and provide the mass production and shipping schedule for Brew Cutlery! These golden samples are the result of our initial production run, testing and verifying the manufacturing processes, and finalizing the packaging design. After much anticipation, we are elated to share these with you.

At this point all raw materials have been purchased, all packaging design and materials have been set, all casting processes have been tested, all hand finishing has been approved, and all quality assurance has been verified.




Mass Production

Now that we have completed the golden sample stage of our production process, we are entering full production. Below is our latest estimated manufacturing and delivery timeline.

  • Finish pre-production testing: (Days 7) 4/1/15
  • Golden sample review: (Days 7) 4/1/15
  • Production Run: (Days 50) 5/21/15
  • DuPro testing: (Days 5) 5/25/15


We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patience through the development of Brew Cutlery. As a symbol of our gratitude, we have ponied up the additional costs to have the first production units for our kickstarter backers air shipped to our door step so that we can get the sets that you pre ordered in your hands ASAP and just in time for the summer season!

  • {Kickstarter Backers} Air Freight Shipping & Handling: (Days 10): 5/30/15
  • Container loading: (Days 4) 5/30/15
  • On-Board Ship (OBS) Product: (Days 4) 6/3/15
  • {Kickstarter Backers} Air Freight Arrival in San Diego:  6/10/15 
  • Product Arrives at USA Port: (Days 15) 6/18/15
  • Clear Customs: (Days 1) 6/18/15
  • Domestic Transport to San Diego: 6/22/15


The Brew Cutlery Team


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